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Doctoral study programme of Education. After graduation, students receive the academic title of Doctor – PhD.

Admission Requirements

  • Proper graduation from MA programme in respective or related field (e.g. General Subjects Teaching). Applicants need to fulfil this requirement by the enrolment date of the doctoral study programme at the latest, i.e. by 1st September of the respective year. Students who take their finals finals in September of that year are granted an exception. In their case, enrolment date is postponed accordingly.
  • Submission of a preliminary project of PhD dissertation and its successful defence in front of an admissions committee. The project also has to include a suggestion of a supervisor and his or her written consent to this function.
  • Passing the didactics (focused on didactic methodology, general didactics, educational theory; based on the topic of draft dissertation) and foreign language (English, German, French or Russian; based on applicant’s choice) entrance exams.

Students’ Obligations over the Course of Study

  • Teaching classes or participation in teaching (4 hours per week).
  • Professional assistance at the department according to instruction of its head (4-8 hours per week).
  • Submission of statement of working hours (Statement of Assistance Activities can be downloaded here).
  • Participation in seminars for PhD students and department meetings.
  • Provision of a Summary of Activities of a PhD student for each term and of a plan for the subsequent term (Summary of Activities can be downloaded here).

Other Obligations

  • Active participation in conferences or seminars both domestic (at least 3) and foreign (at least 1).
  • Publishing in reviewed professional journals (at least 4 articles, one of which needs to be published in a foreign journal) on topics related to dissertation.


  • Dissertation submission.
  • State doctoral exam.