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Ethnography of Diversity in Pre-Service Teacher Education

The research team of the Department of Education received a research grant „Ethnography of Diversity in Pre-Service Teacher Education“ which focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of pre-service teacher education in relation to the pressing issue of diversity. The research is situated in the tradition of school ethnography which is suitable for the simultaneous study of the links among multiple related contexts (the university and the lower-secondary school environment).

The research focuses on:

  1. the ways in which students in a Master’s teacher education program become acquainted with the principles of working with diversity during the general education courses
  2. the ways in which diversity is constructed at the lower-secondary schools where the students do their teaching practice.

The project introduces an innovative methodological approach and expands ethnographic research in the university environment. The team is composed of experienced researchers (principal investigator is Jana Obrovská, other researchers are Jana Kratochvílová, Kateřina Lojdová, František Tůma and Kateřina Vlčková). Project will continue in the research tradition of the Department of Education with main emphasis put on student teachers and their pre-service preparation (power in school, classroom management strategies etc.).