MCA: Fenomenologický pohled na vzdělávání sociálně znevýhodněných žáků

Title in English MCA: phenomenological view on children from social disadvantaged environment


Year of publication 2013
Type Chapter of a book
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Description The chapter aims to present a phenomenological text analysis called Meaning Constitution Analysis (MCA) and employ it within a field of social education focusing on attitudes of Roma children to school. MCA was developed by Swedish psychologist and researcher Roger Sages as a method for intercultural research and work psychology. It is rooted in phenomenological philosophy and, due to its theoretical foundation, it integrates advantages both of qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches. Moreover, MCA has also a software version that makes its application easier. Utilizing phenomenological methodology, the author focused on the concept of “School” in interviews with Roma children, their schoolmates and with teachers and used MCA to analyze transcripts of interviews to gain a complex picture of participants’ experiencing of “School”.
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