Newsletter for students 3/2024
13 May 2024, 17:50  |  Čeština

Newsletter for students of the Faculty of Education MUNI


Come to the MUNI DAY

Come to the MUNI DAY on Thursday 16th May. A sporting and social gathering across the University for all staff and students. With your help we will fill the Bohunice University Campus with sport, culture, fun and learning!

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Important information

The study department has been renovated

From Monday 13 May 2024, the study department is back in its original location.

Summer operation of the library

The library will be closed from the beginning of June 2024 due to planned renovations. As a replacement for readers, the option of borrowing books from home from 20 May for the summer period has been arranged. The summer borrowing period will last until 30 September 2024.

News from the Faculty

Myanmar Students' Educational Journey in Brno

Follow the inspiring journey of Aug Win and Sai Sai, two scholarship recipients from a small town in Myanmar, to pursue a top education at the MU Faculty of Education in Brno. Despite their backgrounds as educators, they are courageously seeking new ways to contribute to their community. Their goal? To share the knowledge gained from their studies at MUNI back home, to be part of the change in education in Myanmar. Find out how Brno's welcoming atmosphere and supportive university community allow them to have an unforgettable educational experience. Join them as they embrace their first encounters with snow, experience student life, cultivate lifelong connections in Brno, and conversely, what they face despite applying for numerous teaching positions in Brno schools, they faced rejection due to their lack of proficiency in Czech.

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Czech Day Against Cancer 2024

The PdF MU Library will take part in the 28th annual flower collection Czech Day Against Cancer 2024. Flowers will be available for purchase at the library's lending desk from 15 to 18 May 2024. 

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