Newsletter for students PED MUNI 2/2024
8 Apr 2024, 22:30  |  Čeština

Newsletter for students of the Faculty of Education MUNI

International Night: Studying at PED MUNI through the eyes of students from Spain

Come and hear how students from Spain live and study at PED MUNI

Dear students,

We would like to invite you to International Night where students from Spain will present how they live and study at PED MUNI. The event will take place on April 18, 2024 at 4 pm in the Student Club on the first floor of the faculty canteen.

You can look forward to:

  • Introduction to studying and student life in Spain.
  • How do students from Spain perceive studying at PED MUNI and what is their view on education in the Czech Republic.
  • Comparison of study experiences between Spain and the Czech Republic.
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To the library for a consultation

Lenka was writing her final thesis in psychology and ran into a problem. She needed to find professional texts on a specific type of therapy, but didn't know where to start. She tried searching the internet but found only general information.

So she decided to ask the library for help. The librarian talked to Lenka about her topic and taught her how to work with specialist databases. As a result, Lenka found many good texts that she could use in her work.

The librarian also helped Lenka with formatting citations and showed her how to use citation software. This way Lenka did not have to spend time on lengthy study of citation rules and could concentrate on the quality of her text.

Thanks to the librarian's help, Lenka finished her final paper on time and with a good feeling.

Be like Lenka!

Information education

News from the faculty

EDI Study Program: Modernizing Education with Diversity and Inclusion.

Dr. Markéta Košatková from the Department of Social Pedagogy at Faculty of Education was awarded by the Ministry of Education. Our esteemed colleague has long strived to transform the educational environment in order to support students at Masaryk University not only in excellent academic performance, but also in personal and social development. She represents the EDI study programme, of which she is the guarantor.

More information about program

Events in Brno

Brno Expat Fair

Fair for expats, including students living in Brno takes place on April 13th between 10AM and 10PM at the Zelný trh market place (Tržnice building). This interesting programme with food festival and expert talks is free of charge.

More information about the fair Living in Brno
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