Central Library

Faculty of Education MU

The Central Library represents the information base of pedagogical, as well as creative scientific and artistic activity of the faculty. Is specialized in providing librarian's and informational services.

Secures especially gathering, evidence, processing and storing of librarian and information fund for students in all forms of study also specialized, pedagogical and scientific literature for the academics of Faculty of Education. Central Library is also open to the public.

The library provides borrowing, information and search services, and is involved in educational activities to support information literacy of students. It mediates many services online (it enables access to electronic information resources, electronic library catalog, information literacy support materials).

The long-term goal of the library is to combine maximum openness of the library collection, to ensure a dignified space for self-study and cooperation in groups, to provide borrowing services, education and also to provide social space for meetings. The library is currently located on four floors of the CVIDOS building in Poříčí 31a.

History of the library

The library was established in 1947 and from that time until now it has gone through many changes. It has been in its current form since 1995, when the library moved to the basement of the new building of the faculty in Poříčí 9. The main premises for users are located here – the reading room and the lending library of books for study. Since 1996 another section has been affiliated with the Central Library – the Library of Western Languages and Literatures. The Central Library provides methodological guidance to departmental libraries at Faculty of Education MU. The fund of these three separate departments is now merged together and divided into four floors of the newly created library in the CVIDOS building. Construction of this building, which became an integral part of the library, began in 2012. The new library has been fully available to its users since the autumn semester 2014.

Head of the Library

Phone: +420 549 49 1608
E-mail: knihovna@ped.muni.cz

Operation of the Library

Phone:+420 549 49 1669

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