Volume 9/2017/2

Inna Imamovna Sokolova – Marina Sergeevna Ilina – Elmira Minekasimovna Vildanova – Alsou Mirzayanovna Aydarova – Irina Vladimirovna Strakhova
The Social and Pedagogical Qualities of Modern Vocational Training Teachers.

The relevance of the research problem is determined by its practical and theoretical components. The practical relevance of the problem is determined, on the one hand, by new demands of society and industry on the pedagogical component of the vocational training teachers’ activity, and by need to realize the potential of Humanities in development of the pedagogical competence of future vocational training teachers and the insufficient development of pedagogical conditions promoting the effective implementation of this process, on the other hand.

Keywords: Pedagogical competence; Vocational training teacher; Humanities; Social and pedagogical qualities of vocational teachers

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2017-015

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