Volume 9/2017/2

Anna Haratyk – Bożena Czerwińska-Górz
Folk Art and Culture in the Historical and Educational Context.

Folk art is the expression of artistic activity of the inhabitants of rural areas. In encompasses visual arts, music, and oral traditions. They are indivisible from each other as well as from the lives of villages and their inhabitants. Folk art is an element of the peasant culture which changes rapidly with the development of civilisation and it is unfortunately more and more frequently displaced by modern forms of life and the resulting different needs of rural and urban populations. It is, however, the heritage of our ancestors which we are obliged to preserve. One of the ways of preserving folk art is school education. Thanks to diverse forms of education used by teachers it is possible to get the students acquainted with all the areas of folk art in a compelling and inspiring way.

Key words: folk art; types of folk art; folk culture; folklore; education in folk art; forms of working with students

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2017-0011

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