Volume 9/2017/2

Kirill Shevchenko
Social and Historical Preconditions of the Russian Revolutions in 1917 Through the Eyes of the Czech Politician Karel Kramář

The article focuses on the important social and historical preconditions of the Russian Revolution in 1917 as perceived by Karel Kramář, famous Czech Politician and the first Prime-Minister of Czechoslovak republic. In his opinion, Russian revolutions resulted from social peculiarities of Russia’s historical evolution, from numerous flaws in Russian business culture, state system and government and inability of Russian political elites to meet political and economic challenges. Expressed almost one hundred years ago, Kramář’s ideas about social and historical roots of the Russian revolutionary upheavals represent a valuable expert’s view from the outside. Now, in the year of centenary of the Russian revolutions, when Historians in Russia and other post-Soviet states continue to discuss prerequisites for those revolutions, thoughts by Czech politician seem to be of particular interest.

Key words: work culture; business qualities; social and historical preconditions; Russia; Revolutions; Karel Kramář

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2017-008

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