Volume 9/2017/1

Volume 9/2017/1
Jaroslav Vaculík
A Historian of Czech-Polish Relations Zdeněk Hájek (1894–1958)
Mirosław Piwowarczyk
The Educational Role of the Journals of Social and Educational Associations in the Second Republic of Poland as Exemplified by “Citizen Work” of the Women’s Citizen Work Association
František Čapka
The Essence of State Social Policy in Czechoslovakia in the Years of the First Republic (1918–1938)
Piotr Gołdyn
Józef Smetana – Czech and Polish working Teacher on Volhynia in the Twenty-Year Interwar Period
Petr Kaleta
Sorbian Members of the People’s Chamber in the GDR (1949–1990)
Barbara Jędrychowska
The State and the Church in the Post-War Struggle for the Ideological Aspect of the Polish Academic Society (Wroclaw 1945–1956)
Joanna Lusek
School Strikes in the Bytom Commune in 1906 and 1920
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Volume 9/2017/1