Volume 8/2016/2

Arezoo Erfan – Mohammad Ali Nadi
Components of Knowledge Commercialization in the Selected Universities of the World

This paper presents a qualitative research method that has been performed based on content analysis. In this study, in order to evaluate and identify the components of the commercialization of knowledge, factors affecting the expansion and development of academic projects in five of the world selected universities (Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Kyoto, and Singapore) have been focused on. These components have been extracted in these universities through analyzing more than 70 scientific research studies. The researcher has used an inductive approach for the analysis of information obtained from the conducted research in this area. Results have shown that the main themes, elements of infrastructure, policymaking and identification of potential customers have facilitated the commercialization of knowledge in the selected universities.

Key words: Commercialization of knowledge; Selected universities; Infrastructure; Policymaking; Identification of potential customer

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2016-0022

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