Volume 8/2016/2

Jan Šťáva
The Proportion of School and Society on the Education of Gifted Pupils in the Czech Republic

The readiness of Czech schools to work with talented pupils in the process of education is still not reflected by teachers in legislative support. This article is the reaction to this reality and offers a current view on the issues of registration of talented pupils and teachers’ readiness to work with these children in school. The article indicates some of the outcomes of the research project “The special needs of pupils in the context of the framework of the training programme for basic education” ID-0021622443. It focuses on the education of children, pupils and students with special educational needs, and extremely talented pupils and students, and points to the possibilities of training corresponding to the necessary quality for appropriate development of the individual talents of each individual.

Key words: talented pupil; science of education for gifted children; child development; research; pedagogical-psychological advisory service; knowledge; Czech schools; diagnostic

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2016-0021

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