Volume 8/2016/2

Alicja Szerląg
Community Microspace in the Multicultural Macrospace: An Attempt of Systemic Perception

The specificity of contemporary multiculturalism is difficult to capture from the perspective of a traditional concept of culture, perceived within the framework of homogeneity. This is on account of the fact that such inspection of culture does not entail what comes across as the distinction of contemporary multiculturalism, namely the processes of fusion and interspersion of cultures, both resulting in hybridization. Nonetheless, the culture can be analyzed in a more suitable manner on the grounds of the concept of transculturality, as thanks to that, it is possible to seize the dependencies, mutual borrowings of values, cultural artefacts, as well as the socially constituted microspaces of a community, which due to its structure and conceptualizing factors can be referred to as a specific system. As a result, the category of the borderland of cultures can be useful and applied, as it focuses on the contents and processes crucial for the shaping of intercultural space.

Key words: Space; multiculturalism; system; transculturality; cultural borderland; community microspace

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2016-0019

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