Volume 8/2016/2

Marceli Kosman
Aleksander Gieysztor and Gerard Labuda (For the 100th Anniversary of Two Great Historians’ birthdays 1919–2016)

Two Polish historians and friends, both born in 1916, were among the most eminent medievalists in Poland in the 20 th century. Their academic debut came in the years preceding the outbreak of WWII, while their careers progressed brilliantly in the years following the end of the war. For several decades, they marked their academic presence as the authors of great works, and they held the most prominent offices in academic life in Poland and in the international arena. They took an active part in the process of political transition, leading to Poland regaining full sovereignty in 1989, and they approved of its evolutionary mode. They were unquestionable moral authorities for scolarly circles and beacons in public activities. Aleksander Gieysztor died in 1999, followed eleven years later by Gerard Labuda (2010), who remained active until his last days. The 100th anniversary of their birthdays reminds historical circles, first and foremost, albeit not only, of Warsaw and Poznań, about their academic and public achievements.

Key words: Poland in the second half of the nineteenth century; Medievalism; science and politics; historical culture; political cultur

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2016-0018

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