Volume 8/2016/2

Filip Pech
Young Christians in Ancient Pagan Societies. The Benefits of Reading pre-Christian Writings

The article discusses Christian education in the ancient times, in particular the problematic question of whether it was appropriate to use the literary legacy of pagans, often distant from the ideals of the Church, as a tool for education. Based on a treatise by Basil the Great the author strives to prove that reading pre-Christian writings can not only be good, but even necessary for Christians and their intellectual development. Without becoming rooted in the ancient pagan culture, the Christians would have never become rightful members of the society of that time.

Key words: Christian education; ancient pagan culture; Basil the Great; Church history; pre-Christian writings; young Christians; pagan societies; legacy of pagans

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2016-0015

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