Volume 8/2016/2

Volume 8/2016/2
Filip Pech
Young Christians in Ancient Pagan Societies. The Benefits of Reading pre-Christian Writings
Piotr Goltz
Who, where and why? Foundation Myths and Dynastic Tradition of the Piasts and the Přemyslides in Chronicles of Gallus Anonymus and Cosmas of Prague
Karel Řeháček
Wartime Physical Education and Military Preparation of Youths 1915–1918
Marceli Kosman
Aleksander Gieysztor and Gerard Labuda (For the 100th Anniversary of Two Great Historians’ birthdays 1919–2016)
Alicja Szerląg
Community Microspace in the Multicultural Macrospace: An Attempt of Systemic Perception
Stanislav Střelec
Tendencies Influencing the Education Environment of a Child in the Contemporary Czech Family
Jan Šťáva
The Proportion of School and Society on the Education of Gifted Pupils in the Czech Republic
Arezoo Erfan – Mohammad Ali Nadi
Components of Knowledge Commercialization in the Selected Universities of the World
Sallya Fazylova – Rusol Irina
Development of Creativity in Schoolchildren through Art
Andrzej Ładyżyński
Cohabitation – the alternative life of dyad
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Volume 8/2016/2