Volume 8/2016/1

František Čapka
Contemporary Didactics of History in the Czech Republic

Fundamental changes in Czechoslovakia after 1989 naturally had an impact on the educational system, and this impact was particularly pronounced in the subject history. This study presents a basic chronological overview of the changes made in terms of the content, didactics and methodology of history teaching at Czech schools, with a particular view to the adoption and implementation in school practice of the Framework Education System and School Education System. The implementation of these changes was far from simple and encountered frequent misunderstanding and much comment from teachers. Attention is also devoted to changes in the concept of school history textbooks. In conclusion, a number of basic notes are added on the didactics of the subject as an academic field and to new trends in particular.

Key words: didactics; methodology; school history; the Education Act; key competences; historical thinking; regional history; everyday life; textbook; empirical research

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2016-004

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