Volume 8/2016/1

Volume 8/2016/1
Jaroslav Vaculík
The First Fifty Years of the Didactics of History at the Faculty of Education at Masaryk University (1946–1996)
Stefania Walasek
Participation of the Society for the Support of the Construction of State Schools in the Realisation of Construction Projects in the North-eastern Borderlands of the Second Republic of Poland
Mirosław Piwowarczyk
The Educational Work of the Slavic Women’s Union in Poland (and Czechoslovakia) during the Interwar Period – Ideas, Postulates, and Selected Examples
František Čapka
Contemporary Didactics of History in the Czech Republic
Danuta Konieczka-Śliwińska
Higher Education Reform in Poland. An Example of Training for Candidates of Teacher Profession
Kamil Štěpánek
Political and Social Refl ections of the Soviet Bloc in Didacticised Media and History Teaching
Emilia Kłoda
Who was Jeremias Joseph Knechtel? A Few Remarks about an Unknown Baroque Painter from Bohemia
Dmytro Hertsyuk – Iryna Myshchyshyn
Ukrainian Cultural-Educational life in Lemkovina from the End of the 19th Centuries to the 1930s
Barbara Jędrychowska
The Phenomenon of a Polish Kresy Town on the Lithuanian-Belarusian Territory in the 1st Half of the 19th Century
Nadiya Zayachkivska
Andrey Sheptytsky – an Educator and a Caretaker of the Ukrainian Youth
Beata Bednářová
Travelling within the Socialist Period in the Awareness of Today's Youth
Marek Podgórny
Group Coaching as a Form of Support for Minority Group Leaders
Lenka Gulová - Stanislav Střelec
Programmes of Supporting the Educational Needs of Romani Pupils in the Czech Republic
Violetta Drabik-Podgórna
Multicultural Career Counselling: Helping Minority Groups
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Volume 8/2016/1