Volume 7/2015/2

Dušan Klapko
Educational Challenge not only for Pupils: the Theoretical Foundations of Education of the National Heritage Institute’s program National and Cultural Identity

In this paper we introduce and explain the philosophical foundations and theoretical concepts of educational programmes within the NAKI project (National and Cultural Identity) implemented in 2012–2015. The project motto “Sights are fun” captures its educational goal which is to foster through educational programmes a deeper understanding of national and European cultural identity and to improve the care for cultural heritage in the Czech Republic. The target groups of the project are preschool, primary school and secondary school pupils, families with children, university students and lifelong learners and people with specific educational needs.

Keywords: education, National and Cultural Identity (NAKI) Project, National Heritage Institute, Care for cultural Heritage, Constructivism, experiential Learning, reflective Learning, cooperative Learning, lifelong Learning, Play, Competencies.

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2015-0012

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