Volume 7/2015/2

Adriano Malikoski
Polish Ethnic Schools in Rio Grande do Sul (1875–1938)

Researching about the school process among Polish immigrants, we found that, in Rio Grande do Sul, there was an education system with the typical characteristics of the Polish culture. According to the school census of Polish immigration in Brazil – held by the Polish Consulate in Curitiba – up to 1937, 128 ethnic schools with 4,560 students and 114 teachers were organized in Rio Grande do Sul. The schools, that were created based on the cultural characteristics of the Polish immigrants, such as language, religion and customs, were associated to the effort of building colonial centers, usually called communities. In cultural history, which is a reading reference of the teaching process, emphasis is given to the numerous aspects that involve the rebuilding of the past in a narrative, to the care and to the treatment of the sources..

Keywords: Polish Ethnic Schools; Polish Immigration; School; Culture;Brazil; Rio Grande de Sul.

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2015-0011

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