Volume 7/2015/2

Marie Chrásková
Attitudes to Health of Czech and Polish University Students

The paper describes the main results of an international comparative research study that compared the attitudes of Czech and Polish university students to 30 concepts associated with two significant areas of life. The first was lifestyle, health and health promotion. The second social area included interpersonal relationships, self-conception and subjective perception of the future. The research method used to measure the participants’ attitudes was ATER, the twofactor semantic differential. Regarding the fact that the measuring instrument was standardized for the Czech population, we performed a cross-check factor analysis of semantic differential scales and selected the most appropriate scales for measuring the evaluation and energy of the concepts presented. The results of the research indicate that various concepts were perceived differently by Czech and Polish university students. The most significant differences were observed in their attitudes to physical health, diet, education, professional preparation, and knowledge of a foreign language.

Keywords: Attitudes; Health; Health Promotion; Semantic Differential; Intercultural Differences the Attitudes of Czech and Polish University Students.

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2015-008

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