Volume 7/2015/1

Jolanta Szablicka-Żak
The voice of ethnic minorities on issues of education in interpellations of the members of the Parliament of the Second Republic of Poland (1919–1939)

In the Second Polish Republic the interpellations were one of main instruments of the political contention, with lever on the government, moreover showed with eyes of Members of Parliament fundamental gaps, weaknesses, deformations in the national life, social relations and economic. It depicted conditions, in which it revived the contemporary Polish state, reflected postures of individual social groups and professional and of national minorities. The outlined problems concerning the education and educations brought up in interpellations by Members of Parliament belonging to national minorities (Jewish, German, Ukrainian and Belarusian minority) stayed in the article interpellations concerned the reconstruction and the repair of schools in different towns, of salaries of teachers incessantly becoming poor with effect of inflation, problems of discrimination against minority rights in the issue of teaching in the one's mother tongue, the culture and the religion.

Keywords: Second Republic of Poland; the Parliament; interpellations; ethnic minorities

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2015-005

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