Volume 7/2015/1

Volume 7/2015/1
Jaroslav Vaculík
The Problems Facing Czech Teachers in Polish Volhynia in the First Half of the 1930s
Mirosław Piwowarczyk
Educational role of Lithuanian cultural and educational associations in the Wilno region in the Second Republic of Poland
František Čapka
Czech primary minority education in the years of the First Czechoslovak Republic (with a view to the situation in the Brno language island)
Anna Haratyk
Cultural education of the Hutsuls. Historical and contemporary contexts
Jolanta Szablicka-Żak
The voice of ethnic minorities on issues of education in interpellations of the members of the Parliament of the Second Republic of Poland (1919–1939)
Barbara Jędrychowska
A Siberian Biełystok – the Polish small homeland in the Tomsk gubernya (turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries)
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Volume 7/2015/1