Volume 6/2014/2

Oksana Duchak
Visual literacy in educational practice.

In the 21st century the ability to interpret digital, visual and audio media is a form of literacy which is as basic as reading and writing skills. Visual literacy is required of us as much as textual literacy. Visual literacy gives educators a chance to increase the quality of their teaching and to connect with learners in more interesting way. The article elucidates the definition of visual literacy, types of visual assessment, challenges of visual literacy, and proves that visual literacy is important for learning and teaching in educational practice. Research shows that visual literacy is an essential component of science and technology education today, using visual treatments in lessons raise learning with various degrees of success. The article may encourage teachers pay their attention to visual literacy, an aspect of learning that is relatively neglected by them.

Key words: visual literacy; images; students; learning; research

doi: 10.2478/cphpj-2014-0017

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