Volume 6/2014/2

Arkadiusz Urbanek
Penitentiary Tutors’ Activities with Foreign Prisoners. Between Uniformisation and Identity Shaping.

This article tackles the issue of penitentiary tutors’ work with foreign prisoners. The analysis provided a premise to explore the directions of a rational proceedings with persons representing different cultures. The article presents two aspects of exploration. First concerned experiences in everyday accomplishment of penitentiary tasks towards foreign prisoners, and the second focused on the analysis of the competences of integration of migrants and the significance of penitentiary influences on such ground. As a result, the concept of rational uniformisation prevails in terms of requirements of the process of serving deprivation of liberty. The objective of consolidation of different identities and the foreigner are more in the focus of attention of international rights declarations, rather than practice.

Key words: foreign prisoner; penitentiary work; identity; cultural diversity

doi: 10.2478/cphpj-2014-0016

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