Volume 6/2014/1

Anna Haratyk
The forming of the ethnic identity of Hutsul highlanders.

The forming of ethnic identity is one of the basic aims of education. First and foremost, it consists in creating bonds with the local community. The factors that are favourable to the forming of one’s identification with the region are social norms, history, traditions and customs, regional art, language, folktales and legends, handicraft and forms of everyday life, etc. The mentioned paper briefly presents the ways in which the ethnic identity of one of the most fascinating and unique ethnic groups of the Carpathians the Hutsul highlanders of Eastern Carpathians is formed; and the factors that influence their identity.

Key words: the Hutsul region; Hutsuls; cultural heritage; ethnic identity

doi: 10.2478/cphpj-2014-0008

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