Volume 6/2014/1

František Čapka
Czech national awareness in Moravia in the revolutionary years 1848/1849.

This study focuses on the process of the gradual shaping of Czech national awareness in Moravia from the beginning of the nineteenth century onwards when the necessary conditions for the development of improved mutual relations between the Czech (Slavic) population in the two Lands of the Czech Crown – Bohemia and Moravia – were slowly being formed. Moravia faced a number of handicaps to the development of a national revival in comparison with Bohemia, the most significant of which was the relatively high degree of Germanisation of the land. A change to the image of Moravia came in the revolutionary years 1848/1849, when Czech national awareness spread to broader sections of society in Moravia. The view of Bohemia held by the Moravians underwent significant change and a period of increasingly intensive political and cultural contact between the two lands arose.

Key words: national awareness; nationalism; shaping of modern Czech nation; provincial patriotism; Slavism; constitutional connection; the “spring of nations”; the work of civic associations

doi: 10.2478/cphpj-2014-0006

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