Volume 6/2014/1

Barbara Jędrychowska
Cursed with patriotism. The educational potential of enslavement (Polish society in the Russian Partition of Poland in the first half of the 19th century).

The paper presents the educational space of Polish homes and schools during the Partitions of Poland, with emphasis on its crucial role in the process of integration of the young generation, the birth of solidarity among them, and shaping their national and civic identity. Especially the Enlightenment ideas of the Commission of National Education (Komisja Edukacji Narodowej – KEN) that were to be found in the course books of the Wilno Educational District from 1803 to 1832 made it possible to perpetuate the model of patriotic education originated in family homes.

Key words: Russian Partition of Poland, patriotism, Polish school, family, Russian press

doi: 10.2478/cphpj-2014-0005

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