Volume 6/2014/1

Stefania Walasek
Actions of the Ministry of Religions and Public Enlightenment aimed at removing educational differences between the former Partitions of Poland in the Second Polish Republic.

After 1918, the schooling authorities started to build of a national school system in Poland with proper legal acts (acts, edicts, and circulars). These pertained to such crucial issues as the establishment of school administration, the curricula, the rules of maturity exams, the establishment of state schools, and the implementation of obligatory schooling. The particular legal acts made it possible to systematically introduce the solutions to the organisation of schooling and to pedagogical practice. The legislative solutions were the first step in the removing of the differences between the former Partitions of Poland. That was not easy, because it was necessary to overcome the differences that were superimposed by the occupation governments as well as those developed by Polish society in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century.

Key words: Second Polish Republic; schooling system; legal acts

doi: 10.2478/cphpj-2014-0002

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