Volume 5/2013/2

Pavel Krafl
Czechs and Poles in the Middle Ages. Rivalry, Cooperation and Alliances.

The article contains a description of the development of Czech-Polish relations in the Middle Ages. The author divides Czech-Polish relations in the Middle Ages into three periods. The first period (10th–12th centuries) is characterised by frequent conflicts and rivalry in the struggle for dominion over East-Central Europe. The second period (from the beginning of the 13th century to the 1330s) is characterized by more peaceful relations and the subsequent expansion of Czech power into Silesia and Poland. This period ends in the 1330s, when the newly-established power and political arrangements were formally accepted. The third period (from the 1330s to the beginning of the 16th century) sees a growth in mutual sympathies between the two nations and, at the same time, the rejection of the Czech “heresy” by the Poles. This resulted in the Czech throne being taken up by a Polish dynasty.

Key words: Middle Ages; Czech-Polish relations; Bohemia; Poland.


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