Volume 5/2013/2

Arkadiusz Urbanek
Social Context of Accomplishing Welfare Tasks in Poland in 1980s and Nowadays.

The article tackles theoretical and empiric issues. On one hand, it makes an attempt to present the evolution of the social welfare services in Poland from 1945 to the 1990s. On the other, on the basis of such historic process, it tackles the issue of the social context in which were, and still are accomplished tasks of the social welfare. For this purpose, the results of interviews with social welfare workers have been presented, referring to those working in such institutions in the 1980s, and contemporarily. The aim of the research was to capture the changes perceived by the social workers as far as the beneficiary groups of social welfare services are concerned in these two, different time realities. The outcomes of the research point at issues crucial for social pedagogy, focusing on different attitudes towards social work and various exceptions of the beneficiaries.

Key words: Social welfare; Social work; Social worker.


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