Volume 5/2013/2

Marek Podgórny
Coaching as a Reflection of Changes in the Adult Education
Stanislav Střelec
The Family as an Agent in Children’s Upbringing and Changes to the Conditions under which it Operates
Piotr Kwiatkowski
Drug Use Prevention in Poland – Selected Aspects
Arkadiusz Urbanek
Social Context of Accomplishing Welfare Tasks in Poland in 1980s and Nowadays
Barbara Jędrychowska – Anna Olchówka
Reception of Czechoslovakian Cartoons in the Polish Contemporary Educational Sphere
Rona Bušljeta
Effective Use of Teaching and Learning Resources
Andrea Hudáková
The Role of the Spiritist Community Brotherhood in Radvanice, Silesia in the Organization of the Czechoslovak Spiritist Movement
Pavel Krafl
Czechs and Poles in the Middle Ages. Rivalry, Cooperation and Alliances
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Volume 5/2013/2