Volume 5/2013/1

Lech Kościelak
"Czechoslovakian Evenings" in post-war Poland.

The „Czechoslovakian Evenings” were an example of intellectuals education in the form of open-lectures. They were educational activities of the Institute of Silesia in Katowice. Mutual Relations between Poland and Czechoslovakia in 1945-1948 had an impact on the implementation of the „Czechoslovakian Evenings”. Organization of „Czechoslovakian Evenings” was a good example of the improvement of Polish-Czechoslovak the years 1947-1948. Implementation of the „Czechoslovakian Evenings” began in October 1947 and ended in May 1948. Liquidation of the Silesian Institute was also the end of the „Czechoslovakian Evenings”.

Key words: Post-war Poland; Polish-Czechoslovakian Educational Relations; Institute of Silesia; Czechoslovakian Evenings.


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