Volume 5/2013/1

Krystyna Dziubacka
Protection of the Cultural Heritage in the Polish, Czech and German Borderland as Educational Challenge.

The article is focused on the attitudes of inhabitants of the Polish-German-Czech borderland towards the cultural landscape of the region. Given the historical, legal and administrative or mental determinants, an attempt was made to characterise the formation of the climate of these lands and to show the attitude of the current inhabitants (particularly on the Polish side of the borderlands) towards the cultural heritage of Upper Lusatia. This article also addresses the topic of the need to continue the existing efforts and initiate new ones, indicating their educational dimension.
The joint Polish-Czech-German programmes aim to support the preservation of the historic architecture by increasing awareness of its direct users, as well as by competently improving its technical condition.

Key words: cultural heritage; borderland; integrated education.


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