Volume 5/2013/1

Anna Haratyk
Regional Education in Polish, Czech and Slovakian Borderline after 1945.

The policy of the Central and Eastern European countries disabled growth of regional movement. Changes that have been taking place since 1990s made it possible to reveal the cultural, spiritual and material abundance of given nations living in this part of Europe. The idea of Euroregion became a chance for many borderland regions, as thanks to them international cooperation in borderlands became possible. At the same time, regional education became crucial not only at schools but also while accomplished by local associations, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, publishing houses, periodicals etc. There are various initiatives undertaken within this range under auspices of the eight Euroregions on the Polish-Czech-Slovakian borderlands. Moreover, diversification and intensification of such activities is indispensible for the development of the borderland areas in Poland, Czech and Slovakia.

Key words: Region; regionalism; Euroregion; regional education.


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