Volume 5/2013/1

Stefania Walasek
Education in Lower Silesia in the First Years after the End of the Second World War.

The end of the Second World War initiated a new stage in the Polish history, as number of social, economic and political problems determined the educational issues in the country. After 1945 the political map of Poland also changed, as the pervious eastern outskirts of Polish territory had been incorporated to USSR, whereas the new, northern and southern lands, became the territories where the Polish societies were forced to make the effort to build up the social and cultural life from the scratch.
Establishing education in Lower Silesia concerned the social changes (the settlement), material resources of the schools and the qualifications of the teaching staff. These were, in turn, affected by the educational policy of the party, accomplished by the Ministry of Education, as well as by the local communities that, at the verge of 1947 and 1948, still had a significant influence on the works of “their school”.

Key words: settlement; public school; teacher


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