Volume 5/2013/1

Jaroslav Vaculík
Discussion of the Secondary School System in Czechoslovakia Following the Second World War
Stefania Walasek
Education in Lower Silesia in the First Years after the End of the Second World War
František Čapka
Polish ethnic organisations in Brno between the wars and in the years 1945–1952 and their contribution to the development of Czech-Polish cultural and educational relations
Mirosław Piwowarczyk
Areas of cooperation or competition – rapport or conflict? The Polish-Czechoslovakian relations exemplified by the activity of Polish cultural and educational associations in Czechoslovakia in the years 1947–1958
Anna Haratyk
Regional Education in Polish, Czech and Slovakian Borderline after 1945
Krystyna Dziubacka
Protection of the Cultural Heritage in the Polish, Czech and German Borderland as Educational Challenge
Lech Kościelak
"Czechoslovakian Evenings" in post-war Poland
Kamil Štěpánek
Media Reflexion of Contemporary Polish History in Czech History Textbooks
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Volume 5/2013/1