Volume 3/2011/2

Alicja Szerl¹g
Family Home Versus Homeland on the Example of Memories of the Repatriates from Eastern Borderlands
Miroslaw Piwowarczyk
For the Polish Spirit in Transolza (Zaolzie). The Extra-school Activity of Polish School Foundation in Czechoslovakia (Macierz Szkolna w Czechoslowacji) (1920-1938/39)
Anna Haratyk
Lemkos in the Cultural Landscape of Lower Silesia
Krystyna Dziubacka
Cultural Landscape of Upper Lusatia in the Face of Threats
Barbara Jêdrychowska
Education of Future Elite-Contemporary Differentiated Educational Systém in Lower Silesia
Marek Podgórny
Coaching-New Climate in the Adults´ Education
Jiøí Mihola
Balbín´s Work Diva Wartensis. Contribution to the Marian Pilgrimage Tradition of Silesia
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Volume 3/2011/2