Volume 3/2011/1

Jaroslav Vaculík
Czechs in Lower Silesia in the 18th - 20th Century
Kamil Štěpánek
History of Silesia in 17th – 20th Centuries and Current Textbooks of History
Witold Chmielewski
Scientific Research of the Polish Academy of Learning in Cieszyn Silesia in 1930s (The Outline of the Problem)
František Čapka
Parallels and Specifics of Repopulation of the Czech Border Regions and the Polish Recovered Territories after 1945
Roman Baron
The Czechoslovak-Polish Club in Brno (1925-1939)
Andrzej Ladyżyński
Edith Stein´s Vision of Marriage and Family
Jana Stejskalíková
European Dimension in History Teaching as a Way to Tolerance and Understanding
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Volume 3/2011/1