Volume 11/2019/2

Volume 11/2019/2
Roman Baron – Roman Madecki – Renata Rusin Dybalska
History of Polish Studies at Czech Universities (Current State of Research)
Jaroslav Vaculík – Arstan Satanov
The Comparative Historical Analysis of Education Systems in the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan (1990–2000)
Lenka Gulová – Stanislav Střelec
Social Work in the Czech Republic – Origin and Role in Education
Kamil Štěpánek
A Century of Occupations, Political Experiments and Renewed Statehood in Central Europe as Reflected in Postage Stamps (and History Teaching)
Miroslav Neumann
Representation of Medieval Realia in PC game: Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Justyna Gulczyńska
Real Gymnasium and its Importance in the Context of Rebirth of Poland in 1918 – Poznan Case
Jacek Gancarson – Natalia Zaitceva
Is the Name “Polish Death Camps” a Misnomer?
Iryna Dubrovina – Kateryna Horash – Anton Karmazin
Enlightening Activity of the Volhynian Lyceum As an Example of Pedagogical Dedication
Jana Zerzová – Kateřina Maňasová
Major Career Changes from the Perspective of Experienced Teachers
Marek Podgórny
Transformations in Educational Research and the Functionalist Framework
Jolanta Szablicka-Żak
Legislature on Schools in the First Parliament After the Restoration of Independence of the Second Republic of Poland (1919–1922)
Alicja Szerląg
Everyday Multicultural Life Versus Sense of National Belonging. Pedagogical Implications
Lyaila Iskakova et al.
Theoretical Aspects of Future Teachers Intellectuality Development
Karimi Fariba – Sayed Mostafa – Banitaba Jashveqani
Investigating the Relationship between Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Trust
Marija Czepil – Oresta Karpenko
Pedagogical Principles of Child Custody in European Countries
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Volume 11/2019/2