Volume 11/2019/1

Tsiura S. – Kalahurka K. – Myshchyshyn I.
Education as a National Value of Ukrainian Society on its Way of Gaining Independence in the West-Ukrainian Pedagogical Press of Galicia up to 1918

According to the materials of the Ukrainian speaking pedagogical press of Galicia (Austria- Hungary), one of the periods of the awareness of the Ukrainian community of the value of education is characterized in the article. There are established three levels of this process. During the first level (1863–1875), the educational value is propagandized by the pedagogical periodic of Moscophiles. They declared about the Ukrainian public school of Austria which had its own demands and rights that were legally proved, but not realized in practice. During the second level (1875–1909) the value of the Ukrainian-speaking school education and upbringing was popularized and interpreted by the public-political flow and the pedagogical press of narodovtsi that formed national Ukrainian identity in the society. 1910–1914 – is the third, not completed level. The understanding of the importance of education for a person, community, state was popularized by press, which was created by teachers of public school, professors of gymnasiums and universities – in interaction, as well as during the competition between the co-existing communities before state and social institutions.

Keywords: education as a national value; national school; pedagogical press; Galicia up to 1918

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2019-012

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