Volume 11/2019/1

Kirill Shevchenko
Revival of the Poland and Belarus Issue as Reflected in the Western Belarusian Press, 1920–1921

The article focuses on relations between the revived Polish state and the Belarusian minority in Poland during 1920–1921 as reflected in the Western Belarusian press. While initially the press in Western Belarusian press was mostly positive about the revival of Poland and expected support for Belarusian national aspirations from Polish democracy, later this attitude changed for the worse as the Western Belarusian press and public became increasingly dissatisfied with the national policy of the Polish authorities towards the Belarusian minority.

Keywords: family; Paderewski; biography; early experiences; restoration of Poland’s independencerevival of Poland; Belarusian minority; national policy; culture; education

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2019-009

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