Volume 10/2018/2

Lenka Gulová - František Trapl
The Theme of Religion in School Environment, Discussion with Teachers and Students

This article deals with the topic of school and religion, it opens a discussion on the presence of spirituality in the school environment and brings an analysis of a survey research. The research was aimed at the area of values, culture and religion in the school environment. The problem was explored through qualitative research strategy. The respondent group consisted of teachers and students who are familiar with the topic of values and spirituality in the school environment. Thus, the group of respondents is selected purposefully and a grounded theory a qualitative research method was chosen. Data gathering was done by focus group discussions (four focus groups) which were transcribed and analyzed by open coding. At the beginning of the analysis it was necessary to establish individual terms that emerged from the discussion. Also, a certain reflection has been made about those terms, how are they viewed and what is “behind them”. The goal of the survey was to acquire statements from teachers and students about the situation in the school environment regarding the topic of values and spirituality as a part of the culture of recognition in the school environment.

Keywords: School; culture of recognition; spirituality; teacher; pupil; religion; education; individual; questions; plurality; values

doi: https://doi.org/10.5817/cphpj-2018-011

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