Volume 10/2018/1

Kamil Štěpánek
The State and the Church: Historical Educational Themes on Czechoslovak and Polish Postage Stamps and Their Didactic Potential

The text of this paper analyses the history of education as reflected by the postage stamps of the neighbouring countries the Czech Republic and Poland from 1945 to the present day. As a historical source, stamp production reflects modern history in the form of jubilee issues and also contributes towards shaping our collective memory by means of the selection of the topics depicted on postage stamps. This paper recommends their didactic use in history teaching on the basis of an analysis of these themes. The approach described here leads to an effective alternative educative medium that reinforces, first and foremost, interdisciplinary co-operation between school history and media education.

Keywords: history teaching; didactics of history; postage stamps; propaganda; media education; the state and the church; history education


Article 09