Volume 10/2018/1

Mirosław Piwowarczyk
Educational Activity of Polish Christian Women’s Societies in the South-Eastern Borderlands in the Second Polish Republic

In the interwar period, Christian women’s societies operating in the three provinces of the south-eastern Second Republic of Poland: Lwów, Stanisławów and Tarnopol, through their social and educational activities, played a significant role in the development of education, culture, social and economic life in these areas. They have contributed to the development of various socio-cultural, charitable, caring, educational and economic activities. Their large number and often similar scope of activities required proper coordination, efficient management and supervision. Union of Polish Christian Women’s Societies was founded in Lwów in 1913 and was conducting its activity until 1939 and such a task was undertaking that task

Keywords: Union of Polish Christian Women’s Societies; Polish women’s societies; educational and social activities; South-Eastern Borderlands


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