Volume 10/2018/1

Volume 10/2018/1
Jaroslav Vaculík
The Relationship between Schools and Religion in the Czech Lands One Hundred Years Ago
Stefania Walasek
Polish School Motherland in the Northeastern Borderlands of the Second Republic of Poland
Mirosław Piwowarczyk
Educational Activity of Polish Christian Women’s Societies in the South-Eastern Borderlands in the Second Polish Republic
Barbara Jędrychowska
The Catholic Church in Siberia and its Educational Activities for the 19th Century Polish Exiles
Miroslav Jireček
The Work of the Piarist Order in South Moravia in the 19th Century
Petr Kaleta
The Influence of Prague’s Lusatian Seminary on the Sorbian National Revival
František Čapka
The History of Women’s Charitable Orders in the Brno Diocese in Recent Decades
Vitali Repin
Political Struggle in Bessarabia and at the Romanian Front. The Beginning of Romanian Occupation of Bessarabia (November 1917 – February 1918)
Kamil Štěpánek
The State and the Church: Historical Educational Themes on Czechoslovak and Polish Postage Stamps and Their Didactic Potential
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Volume 10/2018/1