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The conception of Special Education
Faculty of Education, Masaryk University in Brno

Marie Vítková

Information about studying programmes
       Considering necessity of all students to occupy with necessity of pupils with the special education needs and get the ability to work with them, craft of the teamwork and také the advantage of counselling. Compulsory subject special education has been included to the basic studying programme for teachers of elementary and secondary schools (1 hour lecture -learning disorders of special educational needs, 1st level of elementary schools, behavioural disorders – 2nd level of elementary schools and grammar schools, 2 hours seminar of integrative special education, finished by the examination). It is possible to extend the study according to the interest of students by the form of compulsory and optional subjects or the branch programme of special education.

       Because of the interest of other faculties to absolve special education is education ensured by the contract to students of the Faculty of information and biology. The programmes were elaborate by experts from the department of special education and were published two publications in 1998 (VÍTKOVÁ, M. (ed) Integrativní speciální pedagogika. Brno: Paido, 1998, 181. PIPEKOVÁ, J. (ed) Kapitoly ze speciální pedagogiky. Brno: Paido, 1998, 234).
       Based on the analyse of all mentioned demands were drawn up the programmes of studying special education in the programme scope of special education for elementary and grammar schools – bachelor and master of degree study in the daily and combine form, widespread studying of special education in the scope of the full-life education.

       To illustrate the content of study are in the supplement-featured programmes of five years study of special education, daily form with recommended literature.
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       Graduates can enforce according to the studying programme in the nursery, elementary, grammar and special schools and after practising also as consultants.
Table n. 1 is the summary of required education based on the analyse in the region of South Moravia.
Table 1: Diversification of special education

Goal groups

Required special education

Teachers - basic and grammar schools

Knowledgeable, obtain competence to educate pupils with special needs

Teachers – special basic and grammar schools

Specialisation – special pedagogy
Master of degree study of special education

Extended study of special education

Teachers – special schools

Master of degree study of special education
Extended study of special education

Special educator – consultants

Master of degree study of special education - specialisation (practise)

Teachers – nursery

Bachelor study of special education

Tutors – pupils with learning disorders

Bachelor study of special education

Foreman of disabled pupils

Bachelor study of special education

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