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TSW – Transition from School to Work

Pre-professional and professional preparation of personas with disabilities was the main aim of the international project EQUAL - European Union Initiative to Prevent Discrimination and Inequality at Work
(Aktion 1 – 2001-2002, Aktion 2. 2002–2005, Aktion 3 – 2004-2005).
It was researched by professionals from the Department of Special Education led by prof. PhDr. Marie Vítková, CSc.

It was aimed on discrimination at work and problems encountered by people with disabilities on open labour market.

In the Action 2 it was the project “Integrative counselling for people with handicap in the context of national and European cooperation.”
The aim of this project was the support of the handicapped people on the open labour market and more possibilities for school leavers of special schools and to get an employment.

The participants from the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University were:

  • prof. PhDr. Marie Vítková, CSc.
  • doc. PhDr. Jarmila Pipeková, Ph.D.
  • doc. PaedDr. Miroslava Bartoňová, Ph.D.
  • doc. PhDr. Pavel Mühlpachr, Ph.D.
  • and Ph.D. students.

Main outcomes:

  • BARTOŇOVÁ, M., PIPEKOVÁ, J. VÍTKOVÁ, M. Integrace handicapovaných na trhu práce v mezinárodní dimenzi. Brno : MSD, 2005, 201 s. ISBN 80-86633-31-4.
  • PIPEKOVÁ, J., VÍTKOVÁ, M. (ed.) Integration Jugendlicher mit Behinderungen in den Arbeitsmarkt aus transntionaler Sicht. Brno : MSD, 2004, 271 s. ISBN 80-86633-17-9.
  • VÍTKOVÁ, M. (ed.) Otázky speciálně pedagogického poradenství. Základy, teorie, praxe. 1. a 2. vydání. Brno : MSD, 2003, 2004, 261 s. ISBN 80-86633-08-X.
  • VÍTKOVÁ, M. (ed.) Integrativní školní (speciální) pedagogika. Základy, teorie, praxe. 1. a 2. vydání. Brno : MSD, 2003, 2004, 248 s. ISBN 80-86633-07-1.

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