International Projects - AKTION

Wissenschafts - und Erziehungskooperation
cooperation in research and education

International seminar in spring term 2007 with the topic:


Communication Focused on Human
based on Rogers Therapy Approaches


The seminar is carried out in cooperation of two universities. Teachers from both institutions lecture at the seminar.

University of Wienna
Institut für Knowledge and Business Engineering
Research Lab for Educational Technologies

Masaryk University
Faculty of Education, Department of Special Education

Focus group:
  • Students of the Department of Special Education, MU
  • Students of the Institut für Knowledge and Business Engineering
  • Students of the Research Lab for Educational Technologies - 7

Total number of students: 14


  • University of Wienna
    • Prof. Dr. Renate Motschnig
    • PhDr. Ladislav Nykl, Ph.D.
  • Masaryk University
    • PhDr. Věra Vojtová, Ph.D.
    • PhDr. Petra Hamadová, Ph.D.

There will be two weekend seminars organised:

  • 1. - 3. 3. 2007
  • 12. - 14. 4. 2007

The education is based on interactive experience.

The topics we focus on at the seminars are:

  • Better self-acceptance, self-reliance, self-determination
  • Better acceptance of others
  • Better understanding of others
  • Better harmonization with one’s own inner ideal, more balance, less stress
  • Better flexibility and openness to new experience
  • Better competences in decision-making
  • Better communication in professional as well as private life

Further information in German:

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