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Current projects:

GA ČR GA15-05122S
Between acceptance and resistance: Teachers’ perceptions of curricular changes 10 years into the reform implementation

GA ČR GA15-12956S
How context matters: professional socialisation of novice teachers

GA ČR GA15-08857S
Classroom interaction in English language teaching in higher education

GA ČR GA14-06480S
Producing pedagogical knowledge for improvement: altering teaching situations for the better

GA ČR GA13-21961S
Exploring professional vision and its development through video-based analysis (from the perspective of teachers of English as a foreign language)


Projects realised in the past:

LC 06046
Research Centre on Schooling

GA ČR P407/11/0262
Quality of curriculum and instruction in school education

GA ČR P407/11/0234
An Expert Teacher: his/hercharacteristics and the determinants of his/her professional development (in the context of foreign language teaching)

GA ČR GPP407/12/P059
Opportunities to develop problem solving competence in textbooks and in the classroom

GA ČR GAP407/12/0432
Foreign Language Learning Strategies and Achievement: Analysis of Strategy Clusters and Sequences

GA ČR 407/10/0514
Pupils’ skills in biology, geography and chemistry:
research into planned, realized and achieved curriculum in implementation phase of curricular reform

GA ČR 406/06/P037
Pedagogical content knowledge as a key issue in curricular reform

GA ČR 406/05/0246
The Content Dimension of Basic School Curriculum

GA ČR 406/03/1349
Interventions into the proces of pedagogical skills development in student teaching at training school

GA ČR 406/02/1247
Tacit Pedagogical Knowledge and the Self-Regulation of the Process of its Development

School Education: Contexts, participants, curriculum, processes, outcomes (SKOLA 2013)

Research on School Education: development - state-of-the-art - outlook (VYSKOV 2013)

School Education: Contexts, participants, curriculum, processes, outcomes (SKOLA 2012)

Tools for monitoring and evaluating quality in education (NAME 2011)

Tools for monitoring and evaluating quality of curriculum and instruction in different school subjects (NAME 2010)